Welcome to The Statics November Newsletter!

...and then there were 3. Catch the all new fresh faced face of The Statics. 3 of us. Yep thats all that's left. Keep and eye out for next years solo album when one of the three lucky Statics gets to pursue their dream at last! Until then read on and find out all that's being going on in our ever smallifying world...  

Let's start with some accolades...Band of the year...the greatest Irish band ever...the next big thing...the biggest thing...front cover of 'Things biggest Thing Weekly'...quadruple platinum selling artists...Now, let those soak into your subconscience, feels good, succesfull people, mmm, yeh... None of it is true. With that in mind you can now completley trust us. Here are the facts, we're ace. Listen to 'Fake Sorrow' our new single. "A bit diff from Alone tho innit?" Sure is Guv'nor. That was 2 years ago! Quit living in the past Marge!

Ok so now you've been informed you're warmly welcomed to our next gig which is in the Workman's Club on Saturday Nov 28th for the (3..2..1) launch of our latest single, the aforementioned 'Fake Sorrow'. Needles to say it's gona be good, 'member we don't lie. 'Fake Sorrow' is available from iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and all those other ones.

Oh yeh we've a competition for that Workmans gig to get on the guestlist. It's one of those share with a picture things, yawn, but you know that's what we gotta do, involve the fans, because after all you make us what we are, and that is, amazing. Us not you.

Thank you for reading, see you Saturday! xoxo

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