Welcome to the most important Statics Newsletter ever, read on...

As mentioned above, Newsletter 8 is important, so important we've dedicated a whole newsletter to it.  

What's it all about then? Our debut album's what's it's alls abouts. Pre order on Google Play and iTunes to get exclusive access to longer previews of every song!. Critics haven't quite described it yet but we describe it as great, amazing, raw, and literally the best album to come out of Ireland or anywhere for a decade. (because we're modest. Yeh, like that needed explaining - 8 newletters, they know us now!).

These songs will surely be performed live soon you ask? Where? Can't tell you that yet, for what would Newsletter 9 (a very important special edition) contain? Gig announcements maybe? Oohhh clever aren't ya? But yes, gig info and yet another reminder to buy this album (we can already hear the sound of unsubcribees...they haunt our dreams).

Newletter 8 is fading now, it's importance diluting with every word, so get on to iTunes and Google Play, the only two places to listen to some really long previews, and pre order the album now!

Listen to 'Say' the lead single from the album 'See Right Through'

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